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Language Express, also known as LX to our friends, was founded by Simon Cavell and Mike Ratcliff in 2009. We have provided the communities in Bangkok with language education for over 7 years. Our Thailand chapter began when our founders, Simon Cavell and Mike Ratcliff, were invited to open an English centre at Wat Phra Bhuddapat (Saraburi) in 2007. This non-profit school offers free English language courses to monks and local people. Simon flew Thai and Lao teachers from the school to Sydney for TEFL training. In February 2009 Language Express opened in Bangkok. Our school provides a unique teaching method and curriculum with proven results in a spacious, well-equipped school, directly next to BTS Phloenchit. Together, we have educated more than 12,000 students from dozens of countries over the past 7 years in English and Thai. Not only do we provide top quality language education, but we strive to build a community of friends in a fun and friendly environment!  Come and join us at Language Express in Bangkok and experience the difference.

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