Business Departure

Business Departure

A foundation course in business skills and language.

Level: Elementary to Pre-Intermediate CEFR A1-A2

Course duration: 48 conversation lessons

Lesson duration: 50 minutes

Who is this for?

Business Departure lessons are dialogue based lessons suitable for people who need English for work and require more confidence using business vocabulary.

Business Departure conversation in detail


  • Every lesson contains a vocabulary list of 15-20 lexical items critical to the lesson.
  • Vocabulary is drilled several times to ensure clear pronunciation, comprehension and memory.  


  • Departure dialogues are 8 line dialogues designed to resemble a workplace exchange using functional language, e.g. taking a phone call. It provides students with the chance to learn structures in a contextualised, realistic setting.
  • Students also practice manipulating the structure with vocabulary to express their own ideas. 

Course Outcomes

By the end of the course, you should be able to: 

  • Draw from an extensive bank of business vocabulary.
  • Communicate confidently and effectively in a variety of professional situations.
  • Develop business skills for use in the workplace.

We have five levels.

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