Chinese Communication

Language Express will improve your conversation, grammar and pronunciation skills. All classes are taught in small groups by friendly, qualified, native speaking teachers in an international environment. For fast results join Bangkok’s friendliest school.  This course is designed based on the HSK Standard Course, which is the only official Chinese Language skill test that focuses on test takers’ abilities in the application of everyday Chinese.

The Chinese language is a valuable tool for both business and networking. Companies and investors around the world view Chinese as an important global language. 


By learning Chinese, you are gaining the opportunity to communicate with 1.4 billion new people around the world.

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Chinese Beginner

Suitable for: For learners who cannot or speak a little bit of Chinese. Hence, we’ll teach you basic words in life, simple conversation and how to express your needs in this level. Also experiencing the student-centered learn Chinese language environment.


Chinese Elementary

Suitable for: For Chinese learners who can conduct basic conversations and ask simple questions. In this level, you’ll learn Chinese language’s basic grammar and phrases that you can improve in your conversation.


Chinese Pre-Intermediate

Suitable for: For Chinese learners who can already communicate confidently about familiar topics related to their interests and can take part in an exchange. In this level, we will teach you specific grammar and vocabulary related to your interest to learn Chinese language effectively.


Chinese Intermediate

Suitable for: For those learn Chinese language who can communicate confidently on both routine and non-routine matters, which are relevant to their interest. Furthermore, after this level, you’ll be able to discuss your daily life including work, education, culture, and entertainment in Chinese.


Chinese Advanced 1

Suitable for: For those who learn Chinese language and can understand the native content and effectively communicate about it, albeit sometimes not correctly. In A1 you’ll learn to discuss specialized topics and issues with native speakers, and relevant vocabulary to read short Chinese news.
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