Language Express Provides Education Visa Services for Thai and English Students


You can study at Language Express for up to 14 months with an Education visa.

Language Express will assist you with all the necessary paperwork to process your visa which will allow you to stay in Thailand for the duration of your studies.

Thai Education Visa

How long can I study Thai at your school?

Students at Language Express are able to Study Thai supported by an ED visa for 6, 8 or 14 months covering the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of the Thai curriculum.

What are the course requirements?

The ED visa course has a couple of requirements that the student must fulfill. An ED visa student must study 8 lessons per week, which can be achieved in your own time with our flexible schedule and the student must come every week – bar exceptional circumstances. Our ED visa packaged are as follows;

Who can study?

Students from all around the world and over 15 years of age are able to study Thai at Language Express with an ED visa. Please check the process below to see more details.

Thai Courses

Language Express will improve your conversation, grammar and pronunciation skills.

ED Visa 6 months

Advanced Thai Group Class exclusively for ED Visa students

6 months: Includes a total of 190 Thai lessons and ED visa Service
(Students study an average of 8 hours per week)

ED Visa 8 months

Thai Group Class exclusively for ED Visa students

8 months: Includes a total of 270 Thai lessons and ED visa Service
(Students study an average of 8 hours per week)

ED Visa 14 months

Thai Group Class exclusively for ED Visa students

14 months: Includes a total of 460 Thai lessons and ED visa Service
(Students study an average of 8 hours per week)

Steps to obtain your ED Visa

Step 1

To obtain a Thai ED visa students need to enroll in a full time Thai or English language course. Language Express presents the receipt for full course payment and a copy of the applicant’s passport to in the Ministry of Education in order to obtain a 1st letter certifying that the applicant is a bonafide student. This process takes between 1-3 weeks.

Step 2

In order to ensure a smooth ED Visa process, the student must hold a valid passport with several blank pages and a 1 year validity remaining on it. They also need to have no prior problems or overstays with Thai immigration as these can adversely affect the visa application. Finally, they should follow the processes exactly as required by the Thai Immigration authorities, Ministry of Education and the school.

Step 3

You will then collect this letter and other necessary documents from Language Express and leave Thailand to apply for a Non-Immigrant Education Visa from an overseas Thai Embassy using the form at the embassy. Language Express will recommend a consulate or embassy for you to visit and prepare the relevant documents based on the location. If the applicant chooses a non-recommended destination, the applicant must inform Language Express so that we may prepare the correct documents.

Step 4

The applicant then takes this letter and applies for a visa from an (overseas) Thai Embassy in person. Most nationalities can apply from any Thai Embassy such as Laos or Malaysia. However the citizens of some countries (such as China, India, Iran, Egypt and Pakistan), must apply from their home country. Please confirm with Language Express’s visa consultant.

Step 5

When you return to Thailand with the Education Visa in your passport the Immigration Officer will stamp your passport for a 90 days stay.You will need to come to the school for us to prepare your paperwork before visiting immigration to obtain your following extension. (If you wish to leave Thailand once you have the Education visa you must apply for a re-entry permit in advance of your departure to avoid invalidating the Education visa.)

Step 6

Next, you contact the Programme Consultant Team and visit Language Express with your passport within 1 week of your return to Thailand so we can apply to the Ministry of Education for the second letter. (The Programme Consultant Team will need to make various copies of your passport and visa, which must be signed, for this application).It can take up to a month for Language Express to receive the second Ministry of Education letter, during this time we will prepare another set of documents for you to present to Immigration for the visa extension.

Step 7

Students must study at beginner level for a total of 3 months and 3 weeks before presenting themselves at the Ministry of Education. Our staff will accompany them to the ministry approximately 45 days before the end of the course. After they have requested to continue to intermediate level, they can request an extension at immigration.

Step 8

You need to contact the Programme Consultant Team at least three weeks before the initial 90 day stay expires, to arrange collection of your documents for the visa extension.

Step 9

You then visit the Department of Immigration with the required documents and extension fee. This can be done up to one month in advance of the expiry date and we recommend you should do this at least 7 days before the expiry date.

Some Advice

  • If a student wishes to leave Thailand while on an ED visa, they should obtain a letter from our school and a re-entry permit from immigration in advance of their trip. Please notify Language Express’s visa consultant 1 week prior your travel date.
  • Applying for an ED visa does not mean that it will be granted for the entire duration of the course at the beginning of the application. Students might receive a 2-3 month stamp each time (depending on the consideration of the immigration officer). However; they can extend that visa as long as the course duration in the MOE letter is valid.
  • Please read our Thai Visa Student Handbook for an overview of the Ed Visa process.
  • Our visa support staff handles all visa related matters at Language Express.
  • Please regularly check the Thai Immigration website for information and updates.

Ed Visa handbook

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