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LANGUAGE EXPRESS is located next to BTS Phloenchit. All classes are taught in small groups by friendly, professional Thai teachers in an international environment, free social activities and an ED visa service. Enroll and learn Thai language today! Call: 02-675-3915

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English Language Course Level: Departure (Pre-intermediate English A2)

By the end of the course, you should be able to: - Pronounce more complex words correctly and confidently - Freely explain about multiple aspects of your life, past and present. - Understand more complex sentence structure and tense structure - Read basic consonant and vowel structures accurately and confidently - Produce more complex thoughts in English (past stories, hypothetical situations) - Have a more in depth understanding of tense

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Level: Departure (Pre-intermediate A2)

Lessons: 144 Taught by: Native Speaking Qualified Teachers Suitable for: Pre-intermediate learners who require more confidence with structure and grammar

Our “Departure” level is our pre-intermediate level. This group class consists of 72 dialogue lessons and 72 connected grammar lessons which alternate hour by hour. As a “Departure” student, you will focus on sentence structure, advanced question words, sentence fluency, advanced verb tenses, and vocabulary building.