Free club for LX students

There are many ways to learn a language, some are more fun than others. Classes at Language Express are a lot of fun because students have fun, useful, friendly conversations with each other. Some classes are focused on vocabulary, while others are more conversational.

What are some other ways to learn a new language?


I think watching movies is a great way to practice listening. You can hear a native speaker use words in a natural way. You can see how people talk normally. You can even learn new vocabulary if you watch with subtitles. It works the same with music. Can you sing any popular songs in English? Do you know what they mean?


Sometimes, just talking to people can really improve your English. People who move to a different country learn the local language quicker because they use it everyday. Do you practice your English after class?


Many of our students say that Youtube is a great way to learn a language. Whether it’s watching funny videos, searching for specific grammar topics, or just following an interesting vlogger, listening to a language is very helpful.


So how can you get better at English? Here’s what we have so far: watch movies, talk to people, and watch Youtube. Pretty easy right? Maybe you notice that these things all have something in common, they’re fun!


Yes, learning a language should be fun, so now we’re happy to offer some free English based clubs exclusively for our students. We want you to learn English while having fun. Take a look at these new clubs:


  • Board Game Club


We have a collection of exciting board games that will help you build your vocabulary and practice English while competing with friends. The games are fun no matter what your level is. 


  • Grammar Club


You might learn grammar in your normal classes, but maybe you want more details. This class is a great way to learn why we have certain rules in English. This is also a great way to prepare for any English based tests. 


The best part of our clubs is that they’re hosted by your favorite English teachers! Who doesn’t want a little extra time with Teacher Jack? 


Clubs are every Monday and Wednesday from 16:00 to 18:00. You can book a seat for the club using the Student Portal. Remember, clubs are free so you don’t have to use any of your hours.

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