English Check in

Get comfortable with the basics of English.

English Check in

Get comfortable with the basics of English.

Level: Beginner CEFR Pre A1
Course duration: 24 (12 conversation lessons 12 plus lessons)
Lesson duration: 50 minutes

Who is this for?
Check in lessons are dialogue based lessons suitable for beginners or those who have not used English for an extended period and want to become comfortable with the Language Express ‘Step System’. .

Check-in Conversation in detail


  • Every lesson contains a vocabulary list of 15-20 lexical items. 
  • The vocabulary is made up of essential words and phrases such as basic adjectives, verbs, places, food and drinks etc.


  • Each dialogue based lesson features a written out conversation between two people.
  • A check-in level dialogue will typically be six lines long. 
  • The dialogues cover survival situations such as introducing yourself, asking for personal information, expressing likes and dislikes. It helps students become familiar with dialogue based lessons in preparation for our gateway level.

Check-in Plus in detail

  • Plus lessons reinforce language points covered in the dialogue based lesson and have the same lesson name. 


  • Plus lessons begin with a pronunciation exercise using the main dialogue from the dialogue based lesson.
  • The teacher focuses on the natural pronunciation of basic, essential vocabulary, and sentence fluency.


  • Each lesson presents a grammar point through a series of explanatory points. These are followed by exercises to check the students’ understanding and practice what they’ve learned. A game or activity relating to the grammar point is provided at the end of the lesson.

Course Outcomes

By the end of the course, you should be able to: 

  • Follow a dialogue based lesson.
  • Listen to and understand classroom instructions in English.
  • Ask and answer basic wh- questions about personal information, likes and dislikes, activities and abilities.  
  • Understand basic past, present and future tenses.

We have five levels.

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