English Departure

Converse in everyday social situations.

English Departure

Converse in everyday social situations.

Level: Pre-Intermediate CEFR A2

Course duration: 144 (72 conversation lessons 72 plus lessons)

Lesson duration: 50 minutes

Who is this for?

Departure lessons are dialogue based lessons suitable for learners who require more confidence with structure and grammar.

Departure conversation in detail

Narrative & Characters

  • The dialogue based lessons follow the adventures of Nok & Pop as they complete a homestay in the UK.


  • Every lesson contains a vocabulary list of 15-20 lexical items critical to the lesson.
  • Vocabulary is drilled several times to ensure clear pronunciation, comprehension and memory.  


  • Departure dialogues are 8 line dialogues designed to resemble a typical conversation using functional language e.g. ordering food in a restaurant. It provides students with the chance to learn structures in a contextualised, realistic setting. 
  • They also practice manipulating the structure with vocabulary to express their own ideas. 

Departure plus in detail

  • Plus lessons reinforce language points covered in the dialogue based lesson and have the same lesson name. 


  • Plus lessons begin with a pronunciation exercise using the main dialogue from the dialogue based lesson. 
  • The teacher focuses on natural pronunciation of phonemes, linked sounds, intonation and stress. Additional practice of common pronunciation problems are also addressed in the “Speaking Naturally” exercise.


  • Next, there is a short reading activity to develop student’s awareness of the narrative arc of the book and provide further context for the lesson’s grammar point. The text comes from “Nok’s journal”.


  • Each lesson presents a grammar point through a series of explanatory points. These are followed by exercises to check the students’ understanding and practice what they’ve learned. A game or activity relating to the grammar point is provided at the end of the lesson.

Course Outcomes

By the end of the course, you should be able to: 

  • Correctly use an additional 1500 words and phrases.
  • Pronounce longer phrases and sentences clearly, using correct stress and intonation.
  • Communicate effectively in a broad range of real-world situations.
  • Produce complex sentences and have a working knowledge of all English tense structures.

We have five levels.

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