Thai Communication

Language Express will improve your conversation, grammar and pronunciation skills. All classes are taught in small groups by friendly, qualified, native speaking teachers in an international environment. For fast results join Bangkok’s friendliest school.



Outcome: Communicate in ‘survival’ situations.

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Suitable for beginners who have little to no exposure of Thai



Outcome: Converse in everyday social situations.

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Suitable for elementary learners who wish to expand their knowledge of Thai grammar and language structure



Outcome: Interact in most social and professional situations.

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Suitable for Pre-intermediate learners who wish to expand their knowledge of written Thai and improve their conversation skills



Outcome: Communicate fluently in social and professional situations.

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Suitable for intermediate learners who wish to master their communication and written skills

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How our course works

  • Each level has 144 lessons, 72 Conversation and 72 Plus lessons
  • Conversation lessons are 50 minute classes which focus on new vocabulary, pronunciation, and speaking skills.
  • Plus lessons are 50 minute classes focusing on grammar, pronunciation, fluency, reading and writing skills.
  • The content of the plus lessons varies according to each level, but lessons use the same language and topic as the related conversation lesson.
  • You don’t have to study both equally.
  • These lessons are taught on a rotating schedule giving the student the opportunity to repeat the lesson within that week if they chose.
  • Each step has 24 lessons, 12 Conversation and 12 Plus
  • Each level has a fixed number of lessons released each week, which are repeated at various times.
  • Our group classes are taught on the same fixed schedule  but the lesson titles change every week.
  • We teach 3 new conversation lessons and 3 new plus lessons.
  • It is not a traditional ‘course’ but a buffet of lessons where you can study anytime and every lesson is stand alone and doesn’t necessarily depend on the content covered in previous lessons. It is not a course so there is no beginning or end.
  • Because they are designed to stand alone, LX lessons don’t have to be taken in consecutive order. This gives the students greater flexibility in choosing when they will study.
  • You buy access to a number of lessons which are valid for a number of weeks.
  • There are two study sessions to choose from morning/afternoon 9am-5pm, evening/weekend 5pm-9pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 6pm Saturday and Sunday.
  • Students are given one session but are able to buy more if they require.
  • You can only study in 1 level.
  • You choose when you want to come week by week by using our booking system. Find out more 
  • Students buy a number of lessons and then choose when they want to study based on their preference. This means that each class will be made up of different students.
  • Students can study several lessons a day, or a couple of times a month.
  • Obviously, the more you study the faster your progress will be.
  • It is important for students and teachers to understand that each lesson should be taken several times. Once to do the lesson,  twice to reinforce the lesson three times to master the lesson
  • It is not enough to “do” the lesson once. Students need to master the structures, phrases and vocabulary to the point where they can use each structure quickly and confidently. This usually requires several lessons.
  • Our brains learn better when we are feeling comfortable
  • LX lessons use the Presentation, Practice, Production PPP. So our approach looks like this :
    • Students are first presented with the language, accompanied with a short demonstration.
    • Students then practice it with varying degrees of control under supervision from the instructor. You repeat the stages until you are confident.
    • Finally,you produce it from memory in a conversational setting unsupervised.
  • LX lessons are taught using the Communicative method.
  • This method focusing on using functional language in real-life situations.
  • Creating real-world communication in the classroom enables students to practice the language without feeling embarrassed, ensuring their confidence levels rise rather than fall.
  • The production stage of the lesson is when the students use the new language in a free environment, whether in a discussion, or a role-play, to express their own ideas.
  • There should always be time at the end of the lesson to go through what has been produced, addressing any errors and checking that the students have understood what they have learnt.
  • DBL lessons teach structures, not grammar.
  • Grammar is the rules of language; structures are examples of the rules in action. In DBLs, we don’t teach the rules, we teach by example using structures arranged into everyday conversations.
  • There are two types of progress test, Step Tests and Level Tests.
  • You will automatically move to the next step after you attend 24 classes, 18 of which must be unique, and successfully pass the step test.
  • You can only take 1 test every 3 weeks, unless it is a re-test.
  • Our booking system will notify you when it’s time to book your tests.
  • Students can book individual consultations with our teaching staff if you require feedback or help on your progress.