Thai Check in

Level: Check in (Thai Beginner)

Lessons: 20

Taught by: Native Speaking Qualified Teachers

Suitable for: Beginners who have little to no exposure of Thai

Gateway is our beginner Thai level. It consists of 144 lessons which focus on both conversation and reading and writing. The conversation lessons teach basic everyday conversations covering topics such as greetings, introducing oneself, wants and needs and also explaining about your life in a basic manner. In this level, we will teach you basic and easy to grasp vocabulary and in our reading and writing classes you will learn Thai consonants and vowels along with the correct way to pronounce them. This level will also cover how to pronounce the 5 tones and an introduction to their rules.


By the end of the course, you should be able to: 

– Pronounce common words correctly and confidently
– Use basic sentences to explain about your life
– Understand basic sentence structure
– Read basic consonant and vowel structures

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