Thai Departure

Elementary learners who wish to expand their knowledge of Thai grammar and language structure

Thai Departure

Suitable for: Elementary learners who wish to expand their knowledge of Thai grammar and language structure

Our Departure level teaches students to be able to communicate on a wider level. Study will help you to expand your vocabulary beyond basic words and develop an increased complexity of language structure. In the reading and writing lessons, you will be able to use the rules learnt in Gateway to write dictated words with the knowledge and skill to be able to say them with the right pronunciation and tone.

Level: Elementary

Course duration: 48 (24 conversation lessons 24 plus lessons)

Lesson duration: 50 minutes

Script: Dialogues are presented using the Paiboon phonetic system with Thai script underneath. It is not necessary to be able to read Thai script for the conversation lessons.

Who is this for?: Departure lessons are dialogue based lessons suitable for learners who can converse in Thai and are looking to build their vocabulary and begin reading and writing Thai in full sentences..

Departure Conversation in detail


  • Every lesson contains a vocabulary list of 15-20 more complex lexical items. 
  • The vocabulary lists allow the students to both complete, and expand, on the dialogues in the lessons.
  • There are also extra vocabulary building exercises to ensure students are building up their active language quickly


  • Each dialogue based lesson features a written out conversation between two people.
  • A Dialogue level dialogue will typically be six lines long.
  • The dialogues are designed to resemble a typical conversation and provide students with the chance to learn structures in a contextualised, realistic setting. They also practice manipulating the structure with vocabulary to express their own ideas. 
  • Lessons build on the gateway level lessons with additional speaking practice.

Departure Plus in detail

  • Students are introduced to a wider range of Thai consonants and vowel combinations and their corresponding tone rules.
  • The students practice writing Thai words as they are dictated.

Course Outcomes

By the end of the course, you should be able to: 

  • Correctly use an additional 1000 words and phrases.
  • Use more complex phrases and sentences clearly, in the correct tone.
  • Communicate effectively in a range of real-world situations.
  • Read and write a vocabulary of simple and complex Thai words.

We have five levels.

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