Thai Gateway

Beginners who have little to no exposure of Thai

Thai Gateway

Suitable for: Beginners who have little to no exposure of Thai

Gateway is our beginner Thai level. It consists of 144 lessons which focus on both conversation and reading and writing. The conversation lessons teach basic everyday conversations covering topics such as greetings, introducing oneself, wants and needs and also explaining about your life in a basic manner. In this level, we will teach you basic and easy to grasp vocabulary and in our reading and writing classes you will learn Thai consonants and vowels along with the correct way to pronounce them. This level will also cover how to pronounce the 5 tones and an introduction to their rules.

Level: Beginner 

Course duration: 144 (72 conversation lessons 72 plus lessons)

Lesson duration: 50 minutes

Script: Dialogues are presented using the Paiboon phonetic system with Thai script underneath. It is not necessary to be able to read Thai script at this level.

Who is this for?: Gateway lessons are dialogue based lessons suitable for learners who have not had much exposure or opportunity to practice.

Gateway Conversation in detail

Narrative & Characters

  • The dialogue based lessons follow Emma and her friends as she travels around Thailand learning the Thai language and culture as she interacts with local people.


  • Every lesson contains a vocabulary list of 15-20 lexical items. 
  • The vocab list is not exhaustive, it simply contains the vocabulary deemed most critical to the lesson. 
  • There are also extra vocabulary building exercises to ensure students are building up their active language quickly


  • Each dialogue based lesson features a written out conversation between two people.
  • A Gateway level dialogue will typically be six lines long.
  • Dialogues are presented using the Paiboon phonetic system with Thai script underneath. 
  • The dialogues are designed to resemble a typical conversation and provide students with the chance to learn structures in a contextualised, realistic setting. They also practice manipulating the structure with vocabulary to express their own ideas. 

Gateway Plus in detail

  • Plus lessons reinforce language points covered in the dialogue based lesson and have the same lesson name. 
  • Students are first introduced to a small number of Thai consonant and vowel symbols and their corresponding tone rules.
  • The students practice writing the basic symbols and pay attention to the correct pronunciation of words which follow those rules.
  • After this there is a section dedicated to the correct pronunciation of different tones produced using the symbols used in that lesson.
  • Next, the students learn some important sentence patterns.
  • At the end of the lesson there is a free speaking session to work on fluency.

Course Outcomes

By the end of the course, you should be able to: 

  • Correctly use over 1500 words and phrases.
  • Pronounce phrases and sentences clearly, using the correct tones.
  • Communicate effectively in a range of real-world situations.
  • Read basic consonant and vowel structures.

We have five levels.

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