Thai Interchange

Intermediate learners who wish to expand their knowledge of written Thai and improve their conversation skills

Thai Interchange

Suitable for: Intermediate learners who wish to expand their knowledge of written Thai and improve their conversation skills

In our Interchange level, students will be able to communicate on a wider level. Study will help students to expand their vocabulary from beyond the basic words learnt in levels 1 and 2, to be able to explain experiences in a greater level of detail. Topics covered include, travel, work and culture. For the reading and writing lessons, students will be able to start to read and comprehend basic texts with the ability to then summarise in writing.

Level: Intermediate

Course duration: 48 (24 conversation lessons 24 plus lessons)

Lesson duration: 50 minutes


Script: All Interchange lessons are presented entirely using the Thai alphabet. Translations are included in the back of the book.

Who is this for?:

Interchange lessons are question based lessons suitable for learners who want to focus on fluency and communication skills for networking, discussion, and presenting ideas.

Interchange Conversation in detail

  • As with dialogue based lessons, question based lessons contain a vocabulary list.
  • Some lessons will also include a questionnaire designed to serve as prompts for the topic questions.
  • The topic questions provide students with the opportunity to practice asking and answering questions. They revolve around the lesson topic, but often also include related question structures. The focus is on asking and answering the questions naturally.
  • Question based lessons lessons reinforce basic structures on common topics using “Wh” questions which is an important step before students get into more complex work in Level 4 (Arrival)

Interchange Plus in detail

  • Writing exercises for interchange introduce transition words and phrases which connect two thoughts.
  • Grammar practice presents a grammar point followed by exercises to check the students’ understanding and application of what they’ve learned. A game or activity relating to the grammar point is provided at the end of the lesson.
  • Role-play activities for Interchange take the student deeper into a profession and challenges the student to do mock interviews, pro-con lists and debates, or in-store roleplays.

Course Outcomes

By the end of the course, you should be able to: 

  • Correctly use an additional 1000 words and phrases.
  • Use more complex phrases and sentences clearly, in the correct tone.
  • Exchange opinions and engage in discussion on a range of themes.
  • Read and write Thai script in fluid complex sentences.

We have five levels.

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