Sabai Thai

With our Sabai Thai course, we are offering you more time to complete your lessons, with added 15% discount for this month only.


Are you ready to advance your Thai language skills?

Learn to speak Thai with our easy to understand method

Do you want to make your life easier in Thailand?

Start learning Thai today!

Terms and Conditions

Study Sabai Thai with Language Express

  • We have extended the study period to 52 weeks so that you can take your time. (Usually, the course is valid for 36 weeks)
  • We have made the price more “sabai” at only 25,499 baht for 144 lessons (Usually 29,999 baht)
  • Feel sabai in Thailand with your new understanding of the language and also the people.

To find out how to apply, contact us via telephone or the form below.

(Sabai Thai offer end 31st May 2018)

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