Justin A. Violette

Justin Violette (Head Teacher)\r\nI was born and raised in the great Pacific Northwest state of Washington. I joined the United States Navy at 17, and moved to San Diego, California at 18 to carry out my four-year term in the military. After receiving an honourable discharge, I applied and was accepted to the private university, United States International University in San Diego. There I met the world for the first time, where a majority of my peers were from all over the globe. At University, I pursued a double major in World Literature and International Relations. In 2000, I returned to the Pacific Northwest after graduation, where I held my first post university job as a journalist for a weekly newspaper. I then moved back to California in 2001, where I received my first teaching job at a post-secondary vocational medical college teaching adults English, Math, Career Development, Computer Applications, and Risk Management. I moved on from teaching a year later to learn business skills as a commercial property manager in Sacramento, California. After six plus years of business, I heeded the call to move abroad to Hamburg, Germany, to teach German professionals English grammar and conversation. While in Hamburg, I developed my German language skills and I’m now an intermediate German language speaker. After nearly seven years of living in Germany, I had the opportunity to take my teaching skills to the other side of the world and moved to the sunny climes of Bangkok, Thailand. I began my career in Thailand working as a teacher for Language Express, and I am now the Head Teacher and manager of the Education Department.\r\n

“I came to Thailand after 7 years of teaching in Germany, and now I am the Head Teacher and manager of the Education Department at Language Express”