joe\r\nJoseph LuzzaI have been very fortunate in my life in that I have travelled to every continent (with the exception of Antarctica) on the globe. I have travelled for both work (as I was a fashion buyer for a major Australian department store for 15 years) and pleasure (Australians love to travel given that we are so FAR from anybody else.\r\n\r\nWhilst travelling I have experienced both first class service (with work we always travelled Business/First class), stayed at the finest hotels (5 star) and eaten at expensive/exclusive restaurants. When travelling for personal reasons I have stayed in hostels as well as first class service. When I first started travelling I had little to no money so whenever I could save money I did. Then, as my income increased, so did my level of creature comforts.\r\n\r\nI have seen many beautiful and exotic locations – drinking at the Coliseum, eating dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower, staying at Kruger Park and seeing wildlife (tigers, lions and giraffes) go past my window. I have also seen the slums of Rio and India and seeing how difficult a life these people have.\r\n\r\nTravel While travelling I have also experienced my share of misadventure having been drugged, bashed and robbed in Budapest and had bike accidents in France and Italy. I have tasted many wild and exotic foods all of which I thought would never reach my pallet.\r\n\r\nHaving travelled so much across the globe I have taken many things for granted, but there is one thing that I will never take for granted and that is the amount of great friends that I have made in my 53 years on this earth. This is the one thing that I will treasure the most!!

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