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  • Convenient location
  • Flexible timetable
  • Fast learning
  • Small classes
  • An international environment
  • Professional Native teachers

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Language Express will improve your conversation, grammar and pronunciation skills. All classes are taught in small groups by friendly, qualified, native speaking teachers in an international environment. For fast results join Bangkok’s friendliest school.

Level: Check in

Get comfortable with the basics of English.

Level: Gateway

Communicate in ‘survival’ situations

Level: Departure

Converse in everyday social situations.

Level: Interchange

Interact in most social and professional situations.

Level: Arrival

Communicate fluently in social and professional situations.

Why Learn English at LANGUAGE EXPRESS ?

Unique Method

Our lessons encourage you to practice speaking from the first day. With our unique teaching methods, you will soon be able to speak and interact confidently with others in English.

Flexible Timetable

You can come to study at your convenience. LANGUAGE EXPRESS is open 7 days a week from 9:00-21:00 on Monday to Friday and 9:00-18:00 on Saturday and Sunday.

International Environment

Interact with students from around the world such as, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French and so on.

Certificate of Achievement

You will get certificate of achievement after you completed our programme.