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  • An international environment
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Language Express will improve your conversation, grammar and pronunciation skills. All classes are taught in small groups by friendly, qualified, native speaking teachers in an international environment. For fast results join Bangkok’s friendliest school.

Learn English by talking!

We will teach you useful vocabulary and grammar in each lesson
so that you can have funny, interesting, practical conversations with your teachers and classmates. No matter what your level of English is, you will get a chance to speak in every class.

Meet our awesome teachers!

All of our teachers are patient, professional, and friendly.
They love teaching, and they are also very interested in getting to know their students.
Our teachers enjoy learning about your interests and your culture.

We have teachers from all over the world, including:

The UK



New Zealand


Achieve your goals!

Whether you want to travel abroad or pass a test, we want you to succeed. At Language Express, we help you track your progress. After you take your placement test, you can start taking classes. Every 24 lessons, you can take a step test to see how you’re learning. After you study for 144 lessons, you might be ready to take a test to move to the next level. Some of our students started at Level 1 and are now in Level 4. How far will you go?