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English Course

Our General English course consists of 4 levels – Gateway, Departure, Interchange and Arrival. Each level has 6 steps, each step made up of 24 lessons totaling 144 lessons per level. There are 2 types of lessons in each level – Conversation and Plus.

Level 1 2
Level 3 4

english gateway

Level: Gateway

Suitable for: Beginners and those who have not used English for an extended periodRead more »
english departure

Level: Departure

Suitable for: Pre-intermediate learners who require more confidence with structure and grammarRead more »
english interchange

Level: Interchange

Suitable for: Intermediate learners who want to focus on fluency and conversation for socializingRead more »
english arrival

Level: Arrival

Suitable for: Learners who want to focus on mastering grammar and work-related EnglishRead more »

Why Learn English at LANGUAGE EXPRESS ?

  • Express Learning

    You can study anytime and as much as you require. Join in out of class activities that can help you improve your language skills by practicing with our staff and native teachers. Moreover, you can request to take a level achievement test whenever you are ready.

  • Live Native Teachers

    100% of classes are taught in small groups by friendly, qualified native teachers. Receive more individual attention and immediate feedback from your teachers.

  • Flexible Timetable

    You can come to study at your convenience. LANGUAGE EXPRESS is open 7 days a week from 9:00-21:00 on Monday to Friday and 9:00-18:00 on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Monitored Progress

    There are individual progress tests to monitor your performance and improve your skills. This enables you to easily see your personal development and which areas you can develop further to achieve your desired goals.

  • Unique Method

    Our lessons encourage you to practice speaking from the first day. You will soon be able to speak and interact confidently with others in English. We have designed a Ministry of Education approved curriculum of more than 500 lessons that starts from the basics up until the advanced. Our curriculum provides smooth and continuous development. The curriculum focuses on student practice from the first day and our timetable is flexible which means that it is not necessary to start from the very first lesson in the book. Each lesson is individual and stand alone so that you can choose to study at your own pace. Our conversational method has real proven results in improving your language and communication skills. If you wish to revise or practice a lesson one more time, then you can do so at your leisure by booking the same lesson through our online booking system.

  • International Environment

    Interact with students from around the world such as, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French and so on as well as teachers to share ideas and learn their cultural values. Your speaking skill and your confidence level will improved.

  • Convenient location close to BTS

    We are located at the front of Mahathun Plaza, less than 1 minute from BTS Phloenchit exit2. Studying after work or university is easy, allowing you to get more study time with less hassle. If you want to know our location, you can click to meet us.

  • Clear Pricing

    Our prices include everything. There are no hidden fees, extra charges of textbooks and activities.

  • Guaranteed Results

    We are confident in our system and guarantee results when following our learning process. With us, your money and time will be well spent. (*This condition is under the company policy and 90% of class attendance is also required with completion of all homework given)

  • Certificate of Achievement.

    You will get certificate of achievement after you completed our programme.

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