A Waste of Time

A Waste of Time\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nMikeby Mike Curl\r\n\r\nWhat is a waste of time you might ask? Is time something that you can waste? Is time even a real thing or a figment of our imagination? How can you possibly waste something that is a non-tangible concept developed through mathematical perversions? Tricky questions indeed. First we must understand what it means to waste something. When we think about waste, we most often think about physical waste, such as rotten garbage or even human fecal excretions. But in these situations, waste is actually a noun, and our aim is to discuss waste as a verb. So, let’s give it a go!\r\n\r\na waste of timeTo waste is to be careless with your expenditure or consumption, often with the result of you not achieving your intended purpose. This commonly concerns money. If you’ve ever purchased a product or paid for a service that you found to not quite meet your expectations, leaving you with a sour taste in your mouth, you have wasted money. Okay, but back to the matter at hand, or maybe I should say wrist. If wasting money means spending money without getting something of value in return, wasting time is then spending your time doing something which brings you nothing in return.\r\n\r\nSo what do I think is a waste of time? Running on a treadmill is a waste of time. Eating “fro-yo” is a waste of time. Playing games on one’s smart phone instead of catching up on all the joyful stories that can be found in today’s newspapers is a waste of time. Sharpening your pen is a waste of time. But mostly, doing something for absolutely no reason at all is a waste of time.\r\n\r\nSo what do you think is a waste of time?\r\n\r\nVocabulary:\r\n\r\nfecal : (adj.) Of, relatingto, or composed of feces.\r\nfeces : (n.) Waste matter eliminated from the bowels; excrement.\r\nfro-yo : frozen yogurt\r\nexcretion : (n.) The act or process of discharging waste matter from the blood, tissues, or organs.

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